The GPs at Emsworth Surgery have been considering relocating to a new site to ensure long term sustainability and to help meet the increasing health needs of a growing population.

An Outline Business Case (OBC) has been submitted to NHS England (NHSE) and this
recommends that the Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital be refurbished and becomes the
new home for the GPs. The Westbourne branch surgery would be retained. The OBC is now
progressing through the NHSE approvals process with the project team addressing various
questions from the Review Panel. It is not clear when the OBC will be finally approved, but
it is hoped that this will happen before the end of April 2019.

In parallel with the OBC, work has already started on preparing the Full Business Case
(FBC). This requires preparing detailed designs for the refurbishment, producing a complete
specification of the required work, obtaining tendered costs from contractors and securing
full planning permission. Architects have already been appointed and are working closely
with the GPs to ensure that the refurbishment meets their requirements and also adheres
to strict NHS building standards and regulations.

While there remain several issues that need to be managed, it is hoped that the FBC will be
completed by mid-autumn. It will then need to be approved by the CCG and NHSE, with the
aim that work on the refurbishment could commence towards the end of 2019 and
complete by late 2020/early 2021. However, this timetable is only indicative and will
become clearer once the OBC is formally approved by NHSE.