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Opening Times

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Emsworth Westbourne
Monday 0800 – 1830 0800 – 1230
Tuesday 0800 – 1830 0800 – 1230
Wednesday 0800 – 1830 0800 – 1230
Thursday 0800 – 1830 0800 – 1230
Friday 0800 – 1830 0800 – 1230

Additional extended opening hours are offered weekly for routine pre-booked appointments as follows:

Wednesday to Friday            7.30am to 8.00 am

Monday to Thursday              6.30pm to 7.30pm

General Information

If you feel sick or think you may be infectious just tell the receptionist and you will be found a private place away from the waiting room.

We should point out that we are a Training Practice for medical students and young doctors who wish to take up General Practice. You are quite likely to meet them. They may be sitting in with your doctor when you attend for your consultation or you may be asked if you would mind seeing them on occasion before seeing your own doctor. Of course we perfectly understand if you do not wish to see them, just let the receptionist know, but this experience is invaluable to the medical students.

The Emsworth Medical Practice is accessible to wheelchairs and the parking area by the entrance is reserved for disabled patients.

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