Emsworth Medical Practice Patient Participation Group

The Emsworth Medical Practice Patient Participation Group (PPG) was set up in October 2009 with the intention of creating a connection between the Practice and its patients allowing open, constructive discussion and analysis of the services provided. It also offers an opportunity to give an alternative perspective on many topics that are relevant to General Practice.

The group allows interested patients to influence and be involved in the running of the Practice. Benefits include the suggestion and introduction of new services and improvements in the way the Practice delivers its care. The PPG Committee currently consists of 10 members and the Chair is Jim Strudwick. Meetings are held monthly at the Emsworth Practice  with the exception of July, August and December. Dr Morgan and the Operations Manager, Sally Prior, also sit on the committee.

The PPG is very committed to discussing items such as feedback from patients, bringing patients’ concerns to the group’s attention, including those concerns where patients may be reluctant to raise their voice, also to raise new issues or grumbles and to communicate praise whenever it is given. All of this and more can only help patients to have involvement in the Practice’s future development and improve, what is already, a highly thought of Practice.

Membership is open to all patients of the Practice virtually. We are keen to have as many patient members as possible. If you would like be a virtual PPG member please email  hiowicb-hsi.emsworthmedicalpractice@nhs.net   you are in no way obligated to take an active part in the group but you may be sent details from time to time with Patient Participation Group updates and you will be sent a copy of the quarterly Quack newsletter if you wish to receive it. If you would like to take a more active role within the group, for instance, helping at events or with fund raising, then please make this known to the Chair, Jim Strudwick.

As with most voluntary groups, the group has to be self funded. The group has some ideas but we realize that amongst all of the patients there must be many more who could throw in some helpful fund raising methods.

Please send suggestions or ideas of any kind in to hiowicb-hsi.emsworthmedicalpractice@nhs.net and they will be forwarded onto the Chair.

The PPG has no access to patient health records. All information gathered is strictly confidential and secure and will only be shared between the Practice and the PPG. No personal details will be mentioned in any survey.

It must be noted that the PPG is not a method to communicate complaints, this must be done via the Practice’s Complaints Procedure.

Patient Participation Group (PPG) Health Talks

In June our GP Partner, Dr Hannah Morgan, who has an interest in heart disease, provided our patients with a health talk on cardiac rehabilitation. This was held at the Emsworth Slipper Sailing Club and covered various conditions such as blood pressure, angina, heart attack, cholesterol and cardiac rehabilitation. This was well received and a large number of people attended. This talk can be read on the Emsworth Medical Practice website under ‘Surgery News’.

On the 24th October, the PPG organised a talk on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) by trainer Dave Ewen and his ambulance paramedic colleague, Dan Mahoney, from South Central Ambulance.
It was amazing how many topics were covered and questions asked from a hall packed at the Slipper Sailing Club to standing room only. Many of the audience were able to come forward to practice CPR on the dummies and handle defibrillators. Those present were also given maps of where the defibrillators are sited in the Emsworth area Defibs.

My grateful thanks to the PPG committee for all their work and to Dave and Dan, what a team, both interacting with each other to make a great talk, thank you both most sincerely for giving up your evenings for us. Jim Strudwick, Chair.

Dr Morgan is working with the PPG to deliver an education session for Heart health at the Slipper Sailing club on the 13th June.



The Group is known as the ‘Emsworth Surgery Patient Participation Group’ (PPG).


The PPG has been established to promote good health in the community and encourage effective liaison between surgery staff and patients, to include:

  • Improving communication through newsletters, websites and other means.
  • Assisting in arranging health promotion events in partnership with the Practice team.
  • Helping with research surveys on behalf of the Practice.
  • Assisting the doctors and nurses with clinical activities as appropriate, e.g. marshalling at flu


Communication: Members of the PPG act as a link between the surgery staff and patients to facilitate services offered by the surgery. The PPG helps, where possible, to implement policies influenced by representative patient views.

Fund Raising: From time to time, the PPG raises funds for the benefit of patients and to cover incidental costs, e.g. hiring of a hall for educational purposes.

Health Education: The PPG assists the professionals in arranging health education sessions, as identified by the medical staff.

The PPG liaises with the doctors regarding any particular issues that may cause concern within the community.

Community Needs: the PPG may have a role in assisting in the assessment of community needs, to help the Practice develop its services, and may liaise with the doctors regarding any particular issues which may cause concern within the community.


  • Membership is open to all patients of the Practice.
  • There is a maximum of ten committee members, drawn from the membership, plus the Practice Manager and a representative doctor.
  • We aim for the committee to consist of members of both sexes, representing most age groups.
  • Non-attendance by a PPG committee member at three meetings without prior notification of their absence to the Secretary may result in the member being asked to stand down from the PPG committee.


The PPG has the following officers:






  • Officers and Committee members may remain in office without time limit, subject to a) their resignation or expressed desire to retire from the committee, or b) they miss three consecutive committee meetings.
  • New appointees will be elected by recommendation and approval by existing committee members and surgery management
  • The committee meets nine times a year to manage the affairs of the PPG in line with its aims and purposes.
  • At meetings of the committee, five members constitute a Quorum which must include a surgery member and an officer.


  • Any sums raised must be handed to the Treasurer who pays the same into the PPG account:

PPG Emsworth Surgery

Lloyds TSB, West Street, Havant, Hampshire

Bank code 30-93-97

Account No. 22954160

  • All cheques must be signed by 2 authorised signatories of the committee.
  • Members’ out of pocket expenses on behalf of the PPG, which have previously been agreed and approved by the committee, may be claimed from the Treasurer on production of relevant receipts.
  • Accounts and latest bank statement will be presented by the Treasurer for inspection and approval at each January meeting and in May and October, or more frequently if require


Membership of the PPG is a voluntary, unpaid position.


Any of the above rules may be amended at the AGM or at an EGM.