Emsworth Medical Practice Patient Participation Group

The Emsworth Medical Practice Patient Participation Group was set up in October 2009 with the intention of creating a connection between the Practice and its patients allowing open, constructive discussion and analysis of the services provided. It also offers an opportunity to give an alternative perspective on many topics that are relevant to General Practice.

The group allows interested patients to influence and be involved in the running of the Practice. Benefits include the suggestion and introduction of new services and improvements in the way the Practice delivers its care. The PPG Committee currently consists of 9 members and the Chairman is Jim Strudwick. Meetings are held monthly at the Emsworth Practice  with the exception of July, August and December. Dr Chinwala and the Practice Manager, Kate Hope, also sit on the committee.

The PPG is very committed to discussing items such as feedback from patients, bringing patients’ concerns to the group’s attention, including those concerns where patients may be reluctant to raise their voice, also to raise new issues or grumbles and to communicate praise whenever it is given. All of this and more can only help patients to have involvement in the surgery’s future development and improve, what is already, a highly thought of Practice.

Membership is open to all patients of the Practice. We are keen to have as many patient members as possible. If you would like to be part of the group please ask at reception for a form to fill in. By completing the form you are in no way obligated to take an active part in the group but you may be sent details from time to time with Patient Participation Group updates and you will be sent a copy of the quarterly Quack newsletter if you wish to receive it. If you would like to take a more active role within the group, for instance, helping at events or with fund raising, then please make this known to the Chair, Jim Strudwick.

The PPG have provided a new notice board at Emsworth Medical Practice specifically to give patients and the wider community information about various organisations that are around the town which help in a variety of situations. This notice board is now in situ in the window to the right of the surgery door. We hope this will be useful to everyone.

As with most voluntary groups, the group has to be self funded. The group has some ideas but we realize that amongst all of the patients there must be many more who could throw in some helpful fund raising methods.

Please send suggestions or ideas of any kind in to the Practice Manager, Kate Hope, and they will be forwarded onto the Chairman. Alternatively you can use the suggestions box at the Practice reception desk.

The PPG has no access to patient health records. All information gathered is strictly confidential and secure and will only be shared between the Surgery and the PPG. No personal details will be mentioned in any survey.

It must be noted that the PPG is not a method to communicate complaints, this must be done via the Practice’s Complaints Procedure




It has been an unusual year in many respects, the Covid Virus having disrupted our ability to meet, and most of our other functions. However, there are positives.

In January 2020 the negotiations for the acquisition and refurbishment for the new Medical Centre at the old Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital reached a satisfactory conclusion, funding approved and contractors ready to begin the considerable task of fulfilling the alterations in a time scale of just over a year. I have been delighted to have played a part in this with many meetings in a committee of representatives of a number of local organisations and the Clinical Commissioning Group and I am sure that the whole community will benefit from the larger and more comprehensive centre. In addition to our team at the surgery, a professional interior designer has been appointed to help with the décor and furnishings. I had the privilege to be shown around the site by the Architect before serious building work commenced and will look forward to seeing the completed transformation in the coming months.

The Surgery was also part of the new surgery groupings called Primary Care Networks (PCN’s) with the two Haying Island Practices led by Dr Hannah Morgan from Hayling and our own Dr William Denby. These were set up to encompass groups of up to 100,000 patients. Our PCN, the Hayling and Emsworth Primary Care Network, has 30,000 patients. One big advantage is that the PCN’s can take on additional staff to support the clinicians and these staff can be appointed to cover all three Practices. To this end I was absolutely delighted that two Community Pharmacists, a Pharmacy Technician together with two Social Prescribers have been appointed to work between the three surgeries of the PCN, together with our Nurse Practitioner and other experienced Practice nurses who will give invaluable support to our doctors, especially in this most difficult time. I went with Dr Denby to a day of Social Prescribing and how they work, at Hayling, which was most interesting. They do a wonderful job.

With regard to our involvement with the Emsworth defibrillators, Janet, who has worked so hard on the setting up of these, has now taken a well learned rest and handed over to the very capable hands of Mike Evans who is doing a splendid job. He has also taken on the task of liaising with local artists for the provision of paintings in the new surgery. Thank you Janet and Mike.

The Covid Pandemic has brought about considerable disruption, including to the Luncheon Club which had to be cancelled, but thanks Mary for keeping in touch with our remaining participants.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we had to cancel the planned talk by Angela Birnie, a consultant from Chichester who was due to talk on the important subject of female urology. We also had to cancel the PPG’s planned fund raising projects for extras for the new surgery. However, generous grants from the Friends of Emsworth Community Health organisation and the Health Trust were gratefully accepted and I applied on behalf of the PPG for a grant from the Havant (Borough) Community Levy fund.

Since our February meeting, there have been no further meetings at the surgery, but in June, September, October, and November we held meetings via Zoom. Thanks to Mike for setting them up, and these were useful although a few of the members could not set them up. Very grateful thanks go to Will, Kate and Sally for attending the meetings and particular thanks to Jennie who has constructed the Minutes with such efficiency in the most difficult circumstances. Thanks also to all the PPG members for their contributions.

I should also pay tribute to the surgery staff who are working very long hours with the Covid Vaccination programme. What a task! The staff have received much praise for their efficiency and organisation.

We should now look forward to the future and overcoming the devastation caused by this horrible virus, which, as viruses do, mutates at will and spreads so rapidly, and, of course, the completion and moving to the new Emsworth Medical Centre this spring.

Jim Strudwick, Chair, Emsworth PPG




The PPG have been busy as usual during the year. The Committee have met 9 times, as is usual.

Many topics have been discussed, especially the proposed move to Redlands Grange to the North of Emsworth, to enlarge the present surgery which is far too small for current and future needs.  A new premises will provide more and bigger consulting rooms and much greater parking space both for staff and patients than is available on the present or any other site available in Emsworth.  The process is ongoing and the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary and other committee members have attended various meetings to explain the situation to worried patients who feel that they cannot travel the extra mile from the centre of Emsworth. I have stressed the importance of additional transport availability to the new centre (which has a bus stop outside) either by revising the routes of the very good local bus service (Emsworth and District Motor Services) and/or the provision of a voluntary Minibus to the new centre, which should also take patients to Oak Park Medical Centre in Havant, as this is also difficult to get to being somewhat out of the way for those without their own transport.

We continue to arrange half-yearly Health Education Talks which are always well attended. On the 28th March 2017 we had a fascinating talk on Dementia/Alzheimer’s diseases by two Consultants from Southampton who talked on the diagnosis and management both in the hospital environment and in the community. Members of the surgery attended and many questions were asked and answered.

On 27th September our good friend and retired Paramedic, Nick Brunt, gave another talk on first aid in the home including strokes, heart attacks, sepsis, stings and scalds.

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman attend the South Hampshire Locality Meetings at which members of PPGs share problems common to other surgeries.

The Luncheon Club for lonely or isolated patients continues on one Wednesday a month at the King’s Arms and is well attended. People love coming out for a jolly chat and a meal. We continue to act as Marshalls at the flu clinics.  In October – the one I helped with –  over 900 patients attended on a Saturday morning!

One unusual event we helped to organise took place on Friday 8th December 2017 called National Elf Day to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society at which the PPG dressed as elves and ran a tombola with generous gifts given by local traders which raised £446.  We would like to express our thanks to all of those traders who kindly donated gifts.

I would like to thank all members of the PPG for their never failing support and enthusiasm and to the surgery management and doctors for their advice and cooperation.

Jim Strudwick, Chairman, Emsworth PPG

PPG Chairman’s Report January 2015

The PPG committee met nine times during the year and are grateful for the attendances of Kate Hope, Practice Manager, Helen Dodds, Deputy Practice Manager, Dr Abu Chinwala and Dr Mary Wilson.

Another busy year for us. In the week starting 10th February the members took turns helping the patients with the modified patient survey.

On May 28th we held a medical education talk at St. James Church with Dr Eamon King talking on men’s health, particularly prostate problems, followed by Dr Philip Tibbs who talked on thecardiovascular system, both talks being well illustrated. On Thursday 28th October there was a talk on End of Life Planning which was very well attended, given by Dr Kim Shamash, retired geriatric psychiatrist, Dr James Collings Wells, Senior Partner at the surgery and two solicitors, Penny Smith and Andrew Hammond.

Our Constitution requires us to provide medical education talks and it was interesting that many of those present asked what subjects we would deal with next.

October and November saw us helping with the flu clinics at the surgery, which are always very busy, and it is a great help to the doctors and nurses for us to organize the patients and direct them into the next available room for their injections.

The Chairman is a member of the Emsworth Focus Group, comprising representatives of the town organisations and the local councillor, who are purely dedicated to helping with the provision of the new Health Centre as required. They meet regularly with Dr Chinwala for the latest progress on the project. The Chairman also attends the Hampshire Locality Group bi-monthly with Joan Marsh, PPG member. The object is to discuss with other Practice’s PPGs matters of mutual interest and to feed back suggestions to the respective Practices. The meetings are very lively and interesting.

The PPG luncheon club remains very popular for lonely or isolated people who are referred by the GPs.

The luncheon club is very efficiently run by Mary Cliffe aided by Joan Marsh. I do thank them for doing this. As well as Chairman, I act as Treasurer, and Billie Shamash, the Vice-Chairman, also acts as Secretary and cleverly takes the minutes of the meetings.

In October Tony Harris retired from the committee and we thank him for all he has done for us and he is ably replaced by Jennie Kidd.

As another year draws to a close, I would like to thank most sincerely all the committee for their work and dedication and look forward to steady progress on the new Health Centre project.

Jim Strudwick, Chairman.

The PPG committee has convened nine times during the year-each month except July, August and December.

We have, sadly, during the year, lost the services of three valued members, i.e. Ruth Ballisatt as Treasurer, Sue Ellis as Secretary and Dr. Pip Newman as representative of the doctors, and I thank them for all the work they have done for us. Sue in particular has given so much time to maintain our noticeboards and health education weeks and posters. However, we are welcoming new members to the committee, although we have yet to fill the Secretary and Treasurer posts.

Thanks also go to Vice-Chairman Billie Shamash for standing in as Secretary and taking minutes during the meeting on her laptop, no easy task. The elderly patients’ monthly luncheon club started by Dr. Newman has been extremely successful and grows from strength to strength, largely due to the hard work organising them by Mary Cliffe aided by Joan Marsh. Thank you ladies.

Our half-yearly medical education talks have been successful and well attended covering two important medical topics, namely Dementia and allied conditions in the Spring and types of Skin Lesions in the Autumn. We have helped gather information from the patients for the Annual Performance Surveys for a week, two taking turns each half day and organised the patients attending the five Autumn Flu Vaccination Clinics on Saturday mornings in October and November.

In a time of great change for the Surgery, being now too small for the rapidly rising number of residents and patients, there have been numerous meetings and consultations with regard to securing the vacant Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital as the site for a new and larger Health Centre and the Chairman and some committee members have been represented in meetings and briefings with the Partners who are responsible for negotiations, that is Dr. Nick Woodruff and Dr. Abu Chinwala. Sadly, progress has been painfully slow through no fault of the surgery and various changes in NHS governing bodies have not helped, so I have little progress to report, although we have been running a petition for the patients to sign if they approve of the hospital site and have collected thousands of signatures. Thanks go to Sue Ellis for her tireless work in collating the numbers, as well as all the committee members and helpers who stood in the street collecting signatures. We look forward to more news in the coming year.

Finally thanks to Kate Hope, the Practice Manager, and her deputy Helen Dodds for attending the meetings and giving us all the help and information we need and being our liaison with the surgery partners and to Dr. Mary Wilson and Dr. Abu Chinwala who have stood in when Dr. Newman was not available.

Jim Strudwick. Chairman, PPG

Our group is now very well established and has been significantly strengthened by a number of new recruits. The last year has been very busy with various projects, the principle one being a summer evening meeting dealing with type 2 diabetes.

The evening was for around twenty five patients invited by their doctors to attend the surgery for an informal meeting to exchange experiences with each other and discuss with medical staff any related problems they did not fully understand. The take up of invitations was very good and those attending were split into three groups with a specialist diabetes nurse / doctor heading each group.

The overwhelming feeling of those attending was that it had been a very useful exercise. A great deal of myths and misunderstandings had been discussed and most of those attending were asking for more of the same type of sessions.

It is the intention of the PPG to arrange similar sessions on other health concerns and, as before, we would like to hear from patients if they have a particular subject we may be able to help with.

Contact us in writing via the Practice Manager, Kate Hope, or why not use the suggestion box that is already in place at the reception desk at Emsworth Surgery next time you are in town.

Of course we have to remember that these meetings are all staffed on a voluntary basis by all those involved, including doctors, nurses and surgery staff, for which the PPG are very grateful.

Watch our notice board for more information on this and other matters.

  • June 2018 Minutes

  • October 2018 Minutes

  • November 2018 Minutes

  • January 2019 Minutes

  • February 2019 Minutes



The Group is known as the ‘Emsworth Surgery Patient Participation Group’ (PPG).


The PPG has been established to promote good health in the community and encourage effective liaison between surgery staff and patients, to include:

  • Improving communication through newsletters, websites and other means.
  • Assisting in arranging health promotion events in partnership with the Practice team.
  • Helping with research surveys on behalf of the Practice.
  • Assisting the doctors and nurses with clinical activities as appropriate, e.g. marshalling at flu


Communication: Members of the PPG act as a link between the surgery staff and patients to facilitate services offered by the surgery. The PPG helps, where possible, to implement policies influenced by representative patient views.

Fund Raising: From time to time, the PPG raises funds for the benefit of patients and to cover incidental costs, e.g. hiring of a hall for educational purposes.

Health Education: The PPG assists the professionals in arranging health education sessions, as identified by the medical staff.

The PPG liaises with the doctors regarding any particular issues that may cause concern within the community.

Community Needs: the PPG may have a role in assisting in the assessment of community needs, to help the Practice develop its services, and may liaise with the doctors regarding any particular issues which may cause concern within the community.


  • Membership is open to all patients of the Practice.
  • There is a maximum of ten committee members, drawn from the membership, plus the Practice Manager and a representative doctor.
  • We aim for the committee to consist of members of both sexes, representing most age groups.
  • Non-attendance by a PPG committee member at three meetings without prior notification of their absence to the Secretary may result in the member being asked to stand down from the PPG committee.


The PPG has the following officers:






  • Officers and Committee members may remain in office without time limit, subject to a) their resignation or expressed desire to retire from the committee, or b) they miss three consecutive committee meetings.
  • New appointees will be elected by recommendation and approval by existing committee members and surgery management
  • The committee meets nine times a year to manage the affairs of the PPG in line with its aims and purposes.
  • At meetings of the committee, five members constitute a Quorum which must include a surgery member and an officer.


  • Any sums raised must be handed to the Treasurer who pays the same into the PPG account:

PPG Emsworth Surgery

Lloyds TSB, West Street, Havant, Hampshire

Bank code 30-93-97

Account No. 22954160

  • All cheques must be signed by 2 authorised signatories of the committee.
  • Members’ out of pocket expenses on behalf of the PPG, which have previously been agreed and approved by the committee, may be claimed from the Treasurer on production of relevant receipts.
  • Accounts and latest bank statement will be presented by the Treasurer for inspection and approval at each January meeting and in May and October, or more frequently if require


Membership of the PPG is a voluntary, unpaid position.


Any of the above rules may be amended at the AGM or at an EGM.